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31-Dec-2017 07:27

But i have tried fucking another man and it felt odd. I am married (with kids) and continue to have a healthy sex life with my wife.

Someone has sucked me already and it felt good for a while then after that i didn’t want to do it again. All these things i only fantasize of doing but in reality i don’t like it. On the other hand, sans the guilt in the beginning, over time, I had already overcome this and now live a relatively comfortable life.

Their location is beside Heartbeat Mega KTV, across Capitol Medical Center. if you are curious on who to try as your therapist — try my therapist Yael.

(The funny thing is when the people I meet in MGG ask me who knows, ang usual reply ko is one person lang, but if you will add all the masseurs that had done service, eh hehehehehe, parang pwede nang mag-organize ng cocktails.I’m really confused when i look at the body of a man i really want to touch it and feel it but when i’m there i don’t want to do it because i feel that it’s not right and it seems yucky doing that… I’d encourage you to continue piling up questions, so you can be challenged enough to know your self more. Maybe a convenient version of it, but not the whole, unadulterated truth. But you know, parang mas happy if it will not end with Joseph admitting that he’s gay. I really just started following through your blog on male massage but I noticed that I was getting hooked in simply reading and browsing through interesting pictures, and comments. Pucha, Migs, eh parang mas madami kang blogsters and fans na “straight”, “straight-acting”, or even “straight-aspiring” ah (I myself included, so promise po, no pun intended ang statement na to……..).am i gay or am i just insecure with the body of a well toned man… Besides, parang it will not lead to that naman, the way you had cut it between chapters. And interestingly, the most amusing and exciting observation I made about these postings is………….. Can you imagine people describing themselves as “mas astig pa nga ako doon sa masseur……..” OR “parang nasarapan yung masseur sa akin at mas malambot pa kumilos”, OR “nahiya lang ako magsabi kasi lalaking-lalaki ako sa office…….” I know that despite the apparent openness of Manila, parang madami pa din na who would rather just keep it inside.Definitely not resting on their laurels, and pushing themselves to provide an even better experience to massage patrons, they have turned over a new leaf and built a new and reinvigorated place called HOJA DE LAUREL (or HDL for short).

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Starting this week they will be on “by invitation” mode.But the thing with me is that ever since i was a kid, people regarded me as gay, which i think really affected me a lot since then. ”) and put a stake in the ground — People will always have opinions, but if you are strong enough with your self-concept, you do not need to kowtow to their opinion of you.